Vibramar Language Glossary

Our community has its own unique language and terminology, which reflects our focus on vibrational intelligence and alignment.

Some of the terms and phrases commonly used within our community include:

Activation: The process of activating one's full potential, often through the use of vibrational practices and tools.

Activated: This term is used to describe someone who has achieved a high level of vibrational alignment and awareness. Activated individuals are seen as leaders and influencers within our community.

Activator: This term refers to someone who helps to activate others, by sharing knowledge and techniques for achieving vibrational alignment.

Alignment: The process of bringing different aspects of oneself into coherence and harmonious alignment with one's purpose and intention.

Attunement: The process of bringing oneself into resonance with a desired state of being or intention.

Biofield: The electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates the human body and is believed to be the source of the body's vitality and energy.

Consciousness: The state of awareness or perception that one has of oneself and the world around them.

Coherence: A state of harmonious alignment between different parts of the body, mind, and spirit.

Energy medicine: The practice of using subtle energy to promote healing, balance, and well-being in the body and mind.

Energetic signature: The unique vibrational pattern or frequency that is emitted by a person, object, or substance.

Flow state: A state of optimal performance and creativity that is characterized by a feeling of effortless ease and focus.

Frequency: The rate at which a vibration occurs, often used to refer to the energetic frequency of different states of being or consciousness.

Holistic: Referring to an approach that considers the whole person, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of health and well-being.

Intention: A focused desire or aim that is directed towards a specific outcome or goal.

Manifestation: The act of bringing something into physical reality through the power of intention and manifestation practices.

Manifestation Awareness: This term refers to the idea that we can create our own reality through the power of our thoughts and intentions.

Quantum: Referring to the principles of quantum physics, which describe the nature of energy and matter at the atomic and subatomic level.

Resonance: A phenomenon in which two things vibrate at the same frequency, amplifying each other's energy.

Subtle energy: The non-physical energetic vibrations that are believed to permeate all things and influence health, well-being, and consciousness.

Synergy: The phenomenon in which the combined effect of two or more elements is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Vibrational Bioresonance Therapy: This is a type of therapy that uses vibrational frequencies to help restore balance and harmony within the body.

Vibrational Intelligence: This is the ability to understand and work with the vibrational energies that make up the universe, in order to achieve greater alignment and harmony.

Vibration: A movement or oscillation that creates a specific energetic frequency or resonance.

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