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We offer a generous 35% commission directly to you each month as long as your referral continues to use Vibramar products. Refer just 3 clients, and your personal access to our flagship products, VitalizeMe™ and EliteBrain™, is absolutely free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When a referral purchases through your link, your commission is automatically transferred to your Vibramar Affiliate Account. We pay-out for the previous month's cycle on the first of each calendar month. As an example, suppose you recommend a sale to us on November 29th. On December 1st, you will be compensated for that sale. We make payments through PayPal or Stripe. You will receive your commission every month, ensuring a consistent, passive income.

Your personal Referral / Affiliate Link can be found in your Vibramar Affiliates Dashboard.

Your affiliate link follows the pattern:

To help you succeed, we've crafted a comprehensive guide, "How to Promote VIBRAMAR Effectively". Here are some proven strategies:

  • Create and Share Content:

    • Share testimonials of your experience with products like VitalizeMe™, EliteBrain™, or AuraSculpt™ Pro.

    • Make videos or write blogs detailing your journey with vibrational healing and how VIBRAMAR has helped you.

    • Host webinars or live sessions to educate your audience about the science of vibrational intelligence.

  • Leverage Your Network:

    • Introduce VIBRAMAR to your personal and professional networks.

    • Incorporate your affiliate link in your email signature or on your social media profiles.

  • Sample Message for Direct Outreach:

    "Hey! Have you heard about VIBRAMAR's vibrational healing products? They've been a game-changer for my wellbeing, offering unique solutions like encoded bioresonance therapy and nootropic energy signatures. If you're interested, I can share a link for a special discount on your first purchase. Let me know!"

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